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Advertising Agency Hub (Collaboragency)

Collaboragency is a fully integrated and collaborative onsite communications agency here at Durham College. These collaborators are a multi-disciplinary team of students from the Advertising, Animation, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production programs and more. Together, the students tackle projects from actual clients looking to grow their businesses – from web, social media and marketing content creation to strategic planning, Collaboragency creates unique business solutions for our local entrepreneurs. Through the production of both strategic and creative materials, students will be able to leverage this work in their portfolios when applying to their desired occupations. This work also allows students to forge lasting connections with the clients themselves, who one day may be responsible for launching their careers.

Watch the video below to see how Collaboragency’s work impacted their Bohemian Bliss Yoga client.

Any inquiries about Collaboragency can be directed to Dawn Salter, Program Coordinator & Professor of Advertising & Marketing Communications, at