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Experiential Learning is DC.

EL Guiding Principles

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), defines Experiential Learning (MTCU, 2017)  as: ‘hands-on learning in a real or simulated workplace that helps prepare students for the transition to work’.

Experiential learning is a broader term that incorporates work-integrated learning. Work-integrated learning has been defined as:

a model and process of curricular experiential education which formally and intentionally integrates a student’s academic studies within a workplace or practice setting. WIL experiences include an engaged partnership of at least: an academic institution, a host organization, and a student. WIL can occur at the course or program level and includes the development of learning outcomes related to employability, personal agency and lifelong learning (CEWIL, 2018)

To ensure that experiential learning is grounded by informed practice, Durham College aligns to the MTCU guiding principles for what constitutes an experiential experience. MTCU has not mandated definitions for experiential education, however all experiential learning experiences are required to meet guiding principles for what would be considered an EL opportunity, these include:

  1.   The student is in a workplace or simulate workplace.
  2.   The student is exposed to authentic demands that improve their employability, interpersonal skills, and transition to the workforce.
  3.   The experience is structured with purposeful and meaningful activities
  4.   The student applies university or college program knowledge and/or essential employability skills.
  5.   The experience includes student self-assessment and evaluation of the student's performance and learning outcomes by the employer and/or university/college.
  6.   The experience counts towards course credit or credential completion OR is formally recognized by the college or university as meeting the five criteria above.

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