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Opioid Overdose Simulation

The Practical Nursing students at DC had the opportunity to take part in a simulation-based exercise focused on the growing crisis of opioid overdose in Canada. This project was built to challenge students in critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and to increase learner confidence within a relevant issue in their field. Through the execution of a comprehensive pre-brief, a state-of-the-art simulation run by industry experts, and an in-depth debrief and reflection, students engaged in learning that goes well beyond the walls of the classroom. Whether it be the patient’s unwillingness to continue to get medical treatment, or interruptions from the patient’s partner, the students learned the most ethical, safe and competent care possible; learning that every patient is unique in their needs. This experience taught students more than just life-saving care, but also the skills to de-stigmatize addiction and learn harm-reduction strategies for the individual.

It is DC’s mission to identify curricular gaps, and create experiential learning opportunities for the students to get the most out of their education.

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