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Experiential Learning is DC.

SET Capstone

In the School of Science and Engineering Technology, courses in four programs have been redesigned to integrate new experiential learning opportunities. One key example is the enhancement to final year courses in the Chemical Laboratory Technicians program.  A new experiential initiative will allow students to perform authentic chemical analysis and ensure data integrity by utilizing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The main goal is to allow the students to work with a LIMS, recognizing how it interacts with the operators, and see the “traceability” of samples. The simulated system utilizes real-world practices, encouraging students to use critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. As with other experiential learning projects, these students will be exposed to workplace demands, applying a broad set of program knowledge and essential employability skills.

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close up of laboratory equipment
two laboratory technicians at a computer
two laboratory technicians in lab
two laboratory technicians analyzing paperwork